Recommended places to eat Soto (and some of the best Indonesian cuisines) in The Netherlands!

Indonesian restaurants in the Netherlands are not uncommon at all. However, we would like to introduce you to some of the best Indonesian restaurants where you can enjoy Soto and other delightful Indonesian dishes!


Due to the COVID-19 situation, all of these restaurants are closed for dine-in (but you should make sure to check their website for more information). However, they are open for delivery and you can check their take-away menus!


Let us know your opinion of these restaurants!

1. De Lachende Javaan

Frankestraat 27
2011HT Haarlem
Web :
T : +31 23-5328792
Email :

Fun fact: They are also very famous for their Rijsttafel!

2. Bayu Food and Art Space

Haarlemmerdijk 135 C 
1013 KG Amsterdam
Web :
T : +31 6156 28427
Email :

Fun fact: They also have vegetarian Soto!

3. Keraton Damai

Groot Hertoginnelaan 57
2517 EC Den Haag
Web : 
T : +31 (0) 70 3639371

Fun fact: They serve 2 sizes of Soto! A smaller one and a big one so that you can share with your circle (or if you want to save it for yourself! No one can resist a delicious food, right?)

4. JUN Indonesian Cuisine

Frederik Hendrikstraat 98
1052 HZ Amsterdam
Web :
T : +31 20 785 9185
Email :

Fun fact: They also serve Soto Telur Puyuh!!

5. Plan B

Boterbrug 15
2611 CJ Delft
Web :
Email :
Facebook : @planb.delft.9

Fun Fact: This restaurant is more special because it is located here in Delft (InDelftnesia for sure)! Also, they serve Soto Betawi and Soto Bogor – which was our Soto of The Month!!