Soto in the Eyes of International

Are you curious like we do about how our International friends see Soto? Do they know about this beloved dish by Indonesian? To answer that, we asked some of our friends about Soto by showing them a (delicious-looking) picture of the standard ‘Soto Ayam’!

Based on our small talk with our friends, we have concluded that most of them did not know about Soto (now they do!). For our Asian friends, they could recognize from the picture that it is Asian food, but their initial guess was Vietnamese soup, Chinese cuisine, or ramen. However, some Dutch with Indonesian or Surinamese heritage have a little knowledge about Soto and can recognize it and already tried it too!

Still, how can we resist the delicious looking picture of Soto? Delicious-looking, but the taste is more delicious than we could imagine. Therefore, for this InDelftnesia 2021, we will bring you through the journey of spices in a bowl of Soto straight to your kitchen and you will have a little bit of taste of Indonesia, here in Delft!