How is Soto Spread

Talking about food is always triggering us to have another question in our mind which is “Where I can eat that food?” or “which restaurant that you recommend?” A meal highly relates to the place, the time and, in what sequence that particular food should be served (Douglas, 1976, Douglas and Nicod, 1974). It shows that the acceptance of food and how it be served as an influence to the people for how it will be selected (Jonsson, Baird, & Ahlström, 1992; Marshall, 1993; Marshall, 2000). However, among them, the context aspect of eating has been the most ignored (Bell and Meiselman, 1995; Bell et al., 1994; Meiselman, 1988).

By the increased Soto buyers, the places to enjoy Soto has been spread over the world in a different type of places. In Indonesia, there is no exact source which stated the first place where Soto is sold and in what type of form. Until today, there are various types of places where we can enjoy Soto in Indonesia. The main type of places are Roadside carts, Food Stalls, and Restaurant.

Roadside Cart is commonly used by travelling food and drink vendors, especially in Java. The form of roadside carts has been developed in various types of forms, for instance, bicycles and carts. Some documentation during the 19th century shows various street foods were sold. Through roadside carts, many people have more opportunities to sell and buy various types of food, for instance, Soto. The following figures are the example of roadside carts that sell Soto.

Warung is a type of small restaurant in Indonesia which has a significant impact on Indonesian daily life. There are many varieties of warung which are distinguished based on the sold objects, for instance, warung kopi which refer to a small street-side coffee shop. Warung has been developed and spread in many places and adjusted according to the creativity and people’s demand. As an instance, there is a warung which sells Soto beside the farmland in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The simplicity and a good landscape are offered while enjoying a warm and delicious Soto.

A restaurant is a place where food and drink are served to customers with a different type of services, for instance, delivery services and take-out. In Indonesia, the restaurant is known to have more expensive prices and decent places than Warung. Many restaurants in Indonesia sell Soto in various ranges of price and type of Soto, for instance, Restaurant Soto Kudus which is located in Jakarta.

All those types of places where Soto is sold have their uniqueness that gives opportunities for people to taste Soto in different ambiences. But, the most common part of those three places is people enjoy Soto not only by themselves. Although they come alone, they eat Soto together with other people in that place. Even in a Roadside Cart, the seller usually has a conversation with the buyers. 

Good food is all the sweeter when sharing with good friends. 

Soto will have a better taste when it is tasted with a good companion to share the warmth of the food!


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