What is InDelftnesia

InDelftnesia is the biggest art and culture annual event held by the Indonesian Student Association in Delft, Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Delft. It was first organized under the name “Indonesian Night”. This event is open for all Indonesian and internationals for participation. More than 500 attendants visited the last event.

In the spirit of bringing the fascinating cultural heritage of Indonesia, all Indonesian students have a moral obligation to introduce and share their knowledge and experiences of Indonesia into the international environment. Embracing people to get involved in InDelftnesia is one of the ways to bridge them to find out the emerald of Indonesia.

Indonesia is gifted with exquisite natural wealth. Mothering more than 17.000 islands, 1300 ethnic groups and 700 local languages Indonesia is truly a home united in diversity. The values of our cultural heritage still permeate the lives of Indonesians today, signifying our understanding of the importance of tradition in modernity.

Departing from the diversity point of view of Indonesia in the world, InDelftnesia 2021 comes up with a fresh approach and concept to provide the sense of Indonesia in Delft, the Netherlands.

Throughout the years, inDelftnesia has presented Indonesian culture through music and dance performance, cultural exhibition, culinary and batik workshop, and many more with different exciting themes!

We come up with Soto as our main theme.

Soto is well known as Indonesian food with diverse taste and components. Within ‘Soto’, we can explore a lot of Indonesian rich culture and heritage, such as how it was made, agriculture, eating behavior, history of spices, and why it is very attractive in the colonial era. This understanding is aimed to open the eye of Indonesia’s richness.